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Activists rally to raise Michigan’s minimum wage

WZMQ - June 20, 2024

“Michigan servers and bartenders did not ask One Fair Wage to drop into Michigan with millions in dark money trying to blow up the tipping system that earns them around $28 per hour,” John Sellek said. “The fact that a handful of One Fair Wage staffers said they flew into Michigan last night to stand in front of the Capitol speaking to a rally with literally no attendees exposes their complete lack of support.”

Rally for minimum wage increase at Capitol

WLNS - June 20, 2024

The proposal is not favored by all. John Sellek is spokesman for the group Save MI Tips, which represents bartenders and servers in the food industry. “Servers and bartenders who know what they’re doing and provide good service are making way more than minimum wage,” Sellek says. “They self-report at least 28 dollars an hour now.”

How eliminating tip credit could affect Michigan restaurants

WLCU- June 12, 2024

Justin Winslow of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association shares startling results of the 2024 State of the Industry Survey results and what it could mean for the future of restaurants 

Wood Tv - May 14, 2024

Executive director Kat Paye and Queen Carmen stop by Wood Tv to talk about some of the wonderful events happening at the eight day Cherry Festival this year including comedians, musicians, and the Blue Angels!

WJR - June 4, 2024

Justin Winslow of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association visits the Focus with Paul W. Smith podcast to discuss the Supreme Court's reaffirming of rejecting the One Fair Wage 2024 ballot proposal. 

Michigan Public -  May 31, 2024

To the relief of many servers, the question of raising the minimum wage will no longer appear on the November ballot. "The ability of tipped workers, like servers and bartenders, to earn those big tips, which is the reason they took those jobs, that’s all going to go out the window. And the income of these servers is going to drop,” John Sellek said.

MLive - June 3, 2024

Michigan Opportunity spokesman John Sellek applauded the recent ruling saying that “both the Court and the Board noted that the One Fair Wage team’s sloppy, error-filled efforts resulted in hundreds of thousands of Michigan citizens signing petitions with language that would end the state minimum wage for thousands of workers"

FOX 2 -  May 31, 2024

Michigan Supreme Court denies request to place minimum wage proposal, which MI Opportunity deemed "fatally flawed", on 2024 ballot. Other opponents to the effort, including John Sellek, see the court's rejection as a victory for the economy.

CBS News Detroit -  June 3, 2024

Although the 2024 Raise the Wage initiative has been rejected tensions still run high as the 2018 Adopt and Amend case is still waiting on a verdict. "If you raise the minimum wage to $12 or $15," said Sellek, a spokesperson for Save MI Tips, "Tipped workers are going to lose income because they already earn more than that."

Fox 47 -  May 30, 2024

National Cherry Festival executive director Kat Paye joined Fox 47 Morning Blend to talk about what to expect at this year's festival. There will be 8 nights of concerts, parades, air shows, firework shows, ultimate air dogs and much more!

9&10 News -  May 22, 2024

"Michigan lawmakers honored the state’s famous cherry industry Wednesday ahead of the annual Cherry Festival later this summer. May 22nd will now be known as Cherry Industry Day, thanks to the support of Northern Michigan Senator John Damoose. 'It’s never been more important to have a strong Cherry Festival this year,' said Damoose."

FOX 17 Grand Rapids -  May 15, 2024

National Cherry Festival representatives joined the hosts of Fox 17 to discuss the iconic Northern Michigan tradition that showcases a variety of nationally acclaimed entertainment while honoring the local heritage that makes it unique.

MI Opportunity -  May 31, 2024

MI Opportunity spox John Sellek praised the MSC’s affirmation of the Canvassers’ power to keep One Fair Wage’s '24 initiative off the ballot due to a big petition fail. "It's one less worry for servers & bartenders who still fear the 2018 ruling that may end tipping as we know it".

WILS -  May 16, 2024

Save MI Tips' spokesperson John Sellek joined WILS' Morning Wake Up to explain why Lansing decision makers need to protect the tip credit—so servers & bartenders can keep earning more than minimum wage.

The Steve Gruber Show -  May 6, 2024

Save MI Tips joined the The Steve Gruber Show to talk about why Michigan's servers & bartenders do not want to eliminate the tip credit because they already make far above minimum wage.

National Cherry Festival -  May 3, 2024

National Cherry Festival welcomes comedian Leanne Morgan to the Pepsi Bayside Music Stage presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on July 2nd.

Michigan's Big Show -  April 30, 2024

When discussing the proposal to increase funding for PureMichigan, Rep. Snyder said, “I think it is really important that we double down on this investment in our tourism and hospitality industry, and that is definitely a huge part of our economic development here in the state moving forward."

Detroit News -  April 29, 2024

"We have the best state and I know we have the best campaign,” said Justin Winslow, president and CEO of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association. “We just need to make sure it's in front of as many eyeballs as possible."

MLive -  April 16, 2024

"Sellek sees Duggan as one of the best strategic minds among Michigan Democrats, which would make him a formidable election opponent."

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - WJR  - March 27, 2024

“The way to answer if RFK Jr. is a threat to Biden is to just look at the new DNC team run by Lis Smith, using local officials like Sen. Mallory McMorrow, to bracket everything he does.”

FOX 17 - Grand Rapids - March 8, 2024

President Biden probably passed the "health & welfare check" test for Democrats, but only 32/160 million voters watched, leaving the speech's impact to TikTok/Insta/Twitch news clips.

John Sellek on WJR's All Talk for a pre Super Tuesday analysis

All Talk - WJR  - March 4, 2024

WJR's All Talk hosted John Sellek for a pre Super Tuesday analysis. "In a way, Nikki Haley preparing for 'just in case' is similar to what Gov. Whitmer, Newsom and others are doing in case of Biden falls out of the race."

WDET - February 29, 2024

Adrian Hemond and John Sellek of the organization Baldly Bipartisan join the show to discuss whether the “uncommitted” vote will impact the general election.

PR Newswire - February 28, 2024

“Miller Law has commenced an investigation in connection with PulteGroup concerning the Company's alleged efforts to suppress public discourse about the Company"

FOX 17 - February 28, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined FOX 17 to discuss the uncommitted votes in the state of Michigan

FOX 17 - February 28, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined FOX 17 to discuss the impact that Michigan's Primary will have on Super Tuesday

John Sellek joins Tom & Kevin to preview the presidential primary

All Talk - WJR - February 27, 2024

“Uncommitted will have to rise far beyond the 11% President Obama experienced to matter."

Wall Street Journal - February 25, 2024

“Donald Trump make it OK for blue collar workers to be pissed off about the status of the changing economy.”

Supreme Court to rule soon on case about minimum wage for tipped workers

Capitol News Service - February 16, 2024

“Save MI Tips held press conferences in the days leading up to the recent arguments in the Supreme Court to amplify the voices of tipped workers who want to preserve the current system.”

MIRS - February 12, 2024

Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Alliance's Justin Winslow explains why MHTA is requesting a major boost for the PureMichigan tourism campaign this budget-making season.

Great Lakes Echo - February 12, 2024

"The Food Bank Council of Michigan, said the organization has worked with DoorDash since the COVID-19 pandemic." “DoorDash has been a great partner for several of the food banks within our network. That is definitely an area that the network’s working on expanding.”

WJR Radio - Detroit - February 8, 2024

The new Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Alliance is off to a great start in pursuit of full #PureMichigan funding to boost Michigan's economy and small businesses everywhere. Chris Moyer of Visit Detroit talked to WJR Radio about boosting one of Michigan's most important industries.

Traverse City Tourism's Trevor Tkach on MHTA's ask for important Pure Michigan funds

9&10 News Cadillac/Traverse City - February 7, 2024

Michigan Hospitality and Tourism Alliance is announced.  What does it mean for state tourism?

MHTA's push for Pure Michigan funding 

WILS - February 8, 2024

The new Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Alliance is off to a great start in pursuit of full #PureMichigan funding to boost Michigan's economy and small businesses everywhere. Justin Winslow of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association talked to WILS about boosting one of Michigan's most important industries.

MLive - February 7, 2024

"Chris Moyer, senior director of communications for Visit Detroit -- one of the groups behind MHTA -- said $50 million is what Pure Michigan needs to be competitive with other states. He called Wednesday’s budget recommendation the starting point, and now it’s up to the group to work with the legislature to increase the budget."

Crain's Detroit - February 7, 2024

“These are competing states, and we’re dramatically larger than them as a state, in terms of population and total revenue, but we are lacking in our investment with $15 million being the existing Pure Michigan budget right now,” Winslow said. “The hope and the goal here is to unify with one clear message, at least out of the gate, the one thing that brings all these groups together — the desire to see Pure Michigan invested in a way that I think the data justifies, in a way that we are not being funded right now, for reasons that remain unclear.”

James Craig struggling to fundraise in Michigan GOP senate primary

The Flint Journal - February 2, 2024

“He’s now proven two election cycles in a row he does not know how to run a statewide campaign,” Sellek said. “He has essentially tossed away this huge advantage of name ID in the most important media market in the state – unable to convert that into an effective campaign”

Anti-Trump baggage could dog some Republican Senate candidates in Michigan

Detroit News - January 29, 2024

"The high-profile candidates in the GOP field fall into three buckets―those who haven’t said much to offend the former president, those who have used words to criticize him and those who did something against Trump like vote to impeach him," said Sellek.

John Sellek on Quote of the Day for MIRS

MIRS - January 26, 2024

"He's treating his candidacy like a land speculator. He's putting a few dollars on a piece of property and waiting to see if (Donald) Trump builds on it. If not, we're unlikely to see a fully formed campaign," said Sellek.

How Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could win the White House — this year

Bridge Michigan - Statewide - January 25, 2024

“You don’t know when the next big wave is coming, exactly, but you have to position yourself to jump on"

John Sellek on All Talk regarding last nights State of the State address

All Talk with Jordan & Dietz - WJR Detroit - January 25, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined WJR Radio's All Talk with Jordan and Dietz to discuss last nights State of the State address.

John Sellek on In Focus with Paul W. Smith: 1/24

In Focus - WJR Detroit - January 24, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined In Focus with Paul W. Smith to discuss the New Hampshire Primary. 

New Hampshire Primary Preview

'JR Morning - WJR Detroit - January 23, 2024

It's primary day in New Hampshire, but how competitive will it be? John Sellek of Harbor Strategic joins Guy, Lloyd, and Jamie.

John Sellek on DeSantis, Haley and the Presidential Primaries

All Talk with Tom & Kevin - WJR Detroit - January 16, 2024

John Sellek, Kevin & Tom talk through Donald Trump’s historically large Iowa victory and what it means for Haley & DeSantis.

Paul W. Smith & John Sellek review Iowa caucuses

In Focus - WJR Detroit - January 16, 2024

“Paul W. and John discuss last night’s Madonna concert & the results of the Iowa caucuses”

Whitmer's poll numbers easily outpace Biden's in Michigan

Detroit News  - January 10, 2024

"Her team has done an excellent job proving if you regularly communicate with voters while showing action — and even being upbeat about it — they will reward you regardless of whether they agree with you 100% of the time," said Sellek."

Advocates speak out on minimum wage ahead of Michigan Supreme Court ruling

WILX - June 20, 2024

“They’re making far more than minimum wage, in fact the state average that they report is around $28 an hour. If the bartenders and servers across Michigan wanted this to happen, they would go take a minimum wage job, say like at Meijer or Target, those are great jobs but they can’t live on that income,” said John Sellek, with Save MI Tips. Save MI Tips says up to 40,000 restaurants in Michigan may close if the tip credit is removed.

Data sheds light on possible impacts of eliminating the Michigan tip credit

WNEM - June 13, 2024

Survey results show that many restaurants are struggling right now due to inflation, low traffic, and inadequate staffing. An ongoing court case threatening the tip credit will further harm restaurants as 1 in 5 full service restaurants say they will be forced to close. 

Metro Detroit Police Endorse Mike Rogers, what does it mean?

MIRS - Capitol  - January 8, 2024

"The endorsement stings because this is not a random political group, it's the on-the-ground police chiefs in every S.E. Michigan city and township who only care about the day-to-day challenges of fighting crime.”

Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association - May 16, 2024

The Cherry on Top - MRLA gets to know more about Northern Michigan's biggest festival and its executive director Kat Paye.

9&10 News - June 4, 2024

“Each and every tipped employee that I personally know — which are in the hundreds, if not thousands — I don’t know of one that wants this to pass," said John McGee, a restaurant owner in Traverse City.

WLNS -  May 31, 2024

"Michigan Opportunity applauds the Michigan Supreme Court's ruling," said spokesperson John Sellek, after the court denied the appeal challenging the Board of Canvassers' rejection of the 2024 ballot petition to raise minimum wage.

Michigan Advance -  June 3, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek spoke with Michigan Advance to discuss One Fair Wage and the Adopt and Amend procedure. Sellek said it was hypocritical for OFW to argue against “Adopt and Amend” and hope the legislature would use that tactic to fix their petition language. “It should withdraw its 2018 lawsuit attempting to kill the legislature’s 2018 adopt and amend procedure,” said Sellek.

CBC Listen -  June 2, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek spoke with CBC about the influence of Detroit's blue-collar workers on this year's election. "Donald Trump not only amplified their anger back to them, he told them it was ok to be mad - let it rip. They weren't looking to be rich; they wanted vacation time, maybe a small cottage at retirement. It wasn't asking for a whole lot," said Sellek. 

Crain's Detroit Business -  June 4, 2024

"It worries me…it would be better to keep it the way that it is. I definitely couldn't make as much money working a different minimum wage job," said servers as they express their concerns about potentially losing the current tip credit.

WJR - June 3, 2024

The Mackinac Policy Conference is viewed as the unofficial start of the 2026 Michigan gubernatorial race, with politicians like Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel making moves that hint at potential bids.

WJR - May 23, 2024

Jordan and Dietz of WJR's All Talk discuss the 98th annual National Cherry Festival—held from June 29 - July 6 in Traverse City, Michigan

WGN Chicago -  May 20, 2024

From cherry jam, cherry salsa and even cherry glasses they’ve got something for everyone. National Cherry Queen, Carmen Beemer and executive director, Kat Paye stopped by to share why you want to pay the cherry capitol of the world a visit.

MIRS -  May 20, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined the MIRS Monday Roundup as Lansing's bipartisan pundits analyzed the recent Trump rally in the Saginaw/Flint/Bay City areathe birthplace of GM and the UAW.

Senate Race is Tight and False Signatures May Be An Issue Again

WJR -  May 20, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek and WJR's Paul W. Smith talked about the Detroit Chamber's new US Senate poll, the Mackinac Policy Conference and the new trend of putting pickles in...your Dr. Pepper?!

The Shelley Irwin Show - National Cherry Festival

WGVU -  May 14, 2024

The Shelley Irwin Show welcomed National Cherry Festival's executive director Kat Paye and the National Cherry Queen, Carmen Beemer, to the show where they talked about the different ways to support the Festival Foundation. They also brought in cherry products to show off the versatility of cherries.

Farm Progress -  May 1, 2024

The National Cherry Festival will participate in the 2024 Agritourism Summit. “This collaborative summit aims to plant seeds for future growth, which can create a resilient, sustainable and more viable agritourism industry for generations to come,” says Michigan State University Extension senior educator Robert Sirrine.

CBS News -  April 24, 2024

"We could be losing upwards of at least 30,000 jobs across Michigan inside restaurants," said John Sellek, a spokesman for Save MI Tips. "That doesn't just mean the jobs only go away to get that level of economic damage. It means whole restaurants are going to close because they simply can't operate on that economic model."

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - WJR -  April 17, 2024

"Governor Whitmer and legislative Democrats will now have to settle where economic development dollars are going after some internal battles."

Detroit Free Press - April 7, 2024

"Publishing a book is a prerequisite for a presidential campaign, said Sellek. "You can't skip it."

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - WJR  - March 19, 2024

Former Attorney General spokesperson John Sellek talks with Tom Jordan about Justice Viviano’s surprise announcement and what it means electorally for the GOP. 

Focus with Paul W Smith - WJR - March 7, 2024

Traverse City Festival Foundation's Kat Paye chats with WJR's Paul W. Smith about a GVSU study showing their events, led by the National Cherry Festival, generate more than $40 million dollars of economic activity in the region & state!

Ohio Association Execs - Columbus - February 29, 2024

Thomas Pappas & Associates announced the addition of William Schwartz to their political consulting team, serving as their education policy expert.

Crain's Detroit Business - February 28, 2024

“Sellek said uncommitted had "to rise above 20% to really matter."

FOX 17 - February 28, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined FOX 17 to discuss the uncertainty regarding the Republican nomination for President

FOX 17 - February 28, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined FOX 17 to discuss the impact that Michigan's Primary will have on Super Tuesday

Focus with Paul W. Smith - WJR Radio - February 27, 2024

“We will learn a lot about the potential longterm impact of the uncommitted campaign by tomorrow.”

USA Today - February 27, 2024

“Democrats have a “huge advantage” on ground game Sellek explained, “but I think they know they’re gonna need it – because every single poll shows the energy is behind Trump.”

Bridge Michigan - February 19, 2024

“Sellek agreed, saying streaming ads are a key component of "sophisticated multi-platform approaches" of political campaigns that also include live phone calls and texting to targeted voters.”

The Brighton Chamber Podcast - February 16, 2024

“Rob talks with John Sellek, from Harbor Strategic Public Affairs about an exciting upcoming multi-chamber event. Details below!”

WJR Radio - All Talk - February 12, 2024

“While only 19% of GOP and 20% of Ind voters support more cash being sent, 91% of all Americans have a negative view of Russia.”

Mid Michigan NOW - February 12, 2024

"Six Michigan food banks will be receiving dollars to combat food insecurity. $13,500 in grants from Project DASH from DoorDash can be used for any home delivery-related expense, including securing food, defraying staff costs, powering deliveries or reaching new populations"

WPHM Port Huron - February 8, 2024

The new Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Alliance is off to a great start in pursuit of full #PureMichigan funding to boost Michigan's economy and small businesses everywhere. Chris Moyer of Visit Detroit talked to WPHM Port Huron about boosting one of Michigan's most important industries.

MHTA's Justin Winslow talks to WKZO about Pure Michigan

WKZO - February 8, 2024

The new Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Alliance is off to a great start in pursuit of full #PureMichigan funding to boost Michigan's economy and small businesses everywhere. Justin Winslow of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association talked to WKZO about boosting one of Michigan's most important industries.

In Focus with Paul W. Smith - WJR Detroit - February 7, 2024

MRLA's Justin Winslow explains that the Michigan Hospitality and Tourism Alliance was formed to help reestablish the universally praised Pure Michigan advertising campaign, which creates an 11-1 return on investment.

MLive - February 7, 2024

“If we don’t find a way to right this ship this year, and $15 million becomes the accepted, new norm, then we have foregone a real opportunity to protect this industry,” Winslow said. “There’s a sense of urgency.”

Crain's Grand Rapids - February 6, 2024

“Justin Winslow, president and CEO of The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, told Crain's Grand Rapids the group’s initial focus is to advocate for a $50 million budget for the PureMichigan advertising campaign ahead of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024-25 budget presentation on Wednesday.”

'Five figures is downright bad': James Craig lags Republican Senate field in fundraising

Detroit News - February 1, 2024

"After two consecutive incomplete statewide campaigns, highlighted recently by major police groups endorsing someone else, it is hard to see how his financial prospects will improve unless (former President Donald) Trump decides to endorse him," said Sellek."

Potential new Michigan GOP chair: QAnon believers 'welcome to run' for party positions

Detroit News - January 26, 2024

"Hoekstra was 'entering into a rushed marriage with a base he takes 'as is...His only goal will be to turn the ship in an attempt to create an electoral infrastructure that can help competent state & federal House candidates get those last few yards & nothing else,' Sellek said."

Who is Pete Hoekstra? Meet the Trump ambassador in fight for Michigan GOP

Bridge Michigan - Statewide - January 23, 2024

“Hoekstra is a “known quantity to both sides of the party” who knows how to win elections,” Sellek said. 

Governor Whitmer delivers 2024 State of the State Address

WZMQ CBS Marquette - January 24, 2024

“I didn’t really hear the words ‘bi-partisan’ on a ton tonight,” Sellek said. 

Analysts break-down Michigan's State of the State Address

FOX 17 - January 25, 2024

Harbor’s John Sellek joined FOX17 and Elliot Grandia to discuss last night’s State of the State address, Governor Whitmer’s sixth already.

John Sellek on WILS Morning Wake Up

WILS - January 24, 2024

Harbor's John Sellek joined WILS Morning Wake Up with Mike Austin to preview tonights State of the State address. 

What effect will Justin Amash have on the US Senate race?

WJR Detroit - January 19, 2024

"At least four candidates in the primary have Trump baggage. Amash is the only one unlikely to change his tune as the other three endorse or make room for him."

Trump wins the Iowa Caucuses

'JR Mornings - WJR Detroit - January 16, 2024

Guy, Jamie and Lloyd talk with John Sellek about Nikki Haley’s chances after Iowa.

Poll shows wide open US Senate race in Michigan

'JR Morning with Guy Gordon - WJR Detroit - January 11, 2024

"The race is tied because people don't know any of the candidates well, nor have any of the campaigns started spending to pitch themselves. For the record, the last open seat was polling 39-36 this time in 2014 between Peters & Land."

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