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Chief Strategist/CEO

John Sellek is Harbor Strategic's Chief Strategist and CEO.


For 2023, John was selected by the MIRS Capitol Insider Survey as one of Lansing's Top 2 Most Effective Public Affairs Professionals because he knows how to accomplish your goals. 
By combining a bipartisan state capitol and local government network with a strategic understanding of how media, policy and politics intersect, Harbor Strategic assists citizens, non-profits, corporations, candidates and office holders seeking to educate and persuade their target audiences.
John's PR and political skill set is based on his experiences advising two Michigan speakers of the House, serving in a governor’s policy shop and leading communications for two state attorneys general, all of which gave him a true understanding of how public policy and legal issues impact the real lives of families and businesses. 
In addition to his government service, John led efforts on multiple statewide political campaigns, serving as manager of a winning race for Michigan attorney general and as an advisor to victorious campaigns for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and the Michigan Secretary of State. John was also selected as state director of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and worked on President George W. Bush's Washington, D.C.-based inaugural committee.
John’s knowledge of the public policy and political environment, bi-partisan network and reputation as a straight shooter makes him a sought-after commentator by interest groups and the media. In addition to being hired to brief the membership of some of Michigan’s leading industry associations, he has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, WJR-AM, MLive, Le Temps, Bloomberg, NPR and more, providing Harbor Strategic with media contacts few others possess.

In 2019, these experiences gave John the credibility to officially open the doors at Harbor Strategic, an aggressive communications firm that leads digital, PR and public affairs efforts from Washington, D.C. to Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids and beyond, on a range of issues including healthcare, taxation, legal, corporate affairs, politics and government. 


For example, Harbor helped achieve a half-billion-dollar settlement for sexual assault victims, pass a local government public safety millage, push for state and federal legislative reforms at the Capitol and lead coalitions for Michigan’s leading small businesses organizations.    
With a background one can only earn through years of political, legislative and media battles, John and Harbor Strategic can help you today. 

We love hearing from John and his take on everything.

- FOX17

Selected by peers as one of the Top 2 Most Effective Public Affairs professionals in the 2023 MIRS Capitol Insider survey.

"A smart guy when it comes to the ins and outs of politics and what's going on behind the scenes."


One of my most trusted voices.

- Capitol reporter

John has really important experience in politics and policy...somebody whose judgement I really value.

- S.E. MI Radio Host

A very keen observer of the state of our politics.

- WJR, 760-AM, Detroit

“A distinguished 

career in communications”

- WILS' Morning Wake Up


- Detroit News

“Known to email reporters additional background for questions they've asked two minutes earlier -- (during) the same press conference.”

- Inside Michigan Politics

“a go-for-the-jugular campaign”

- Gongwer

“a week of daggers


“One of our go-to people.

- Capitol Radio Host

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