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John Sellek on WJR's All Talk

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - December 14, 2023

“some pollsters act confused that inflation increases are down but voters are still angry and afraid. People on the lowest end of median income are leaving Biden.”

Kildee retirement likely to fuel scramble as GOP, Democrats vie for 'toss-up' seat

Detroit News - November 16, 2023

“Schuette would make a lot of sense for Republicans in Washington, D.C., to recruit, said John Sellek, a Michigan political consultant and CEO of Lansing-based Harbor Strategic Public Affairs.”

What do the NYT/Sienna polls mean for President Biden?

JR Morning with Guy, Lloyd and Jamie - November 7, 2023

"Of the six battleground states where Biden ran the table in 2020, he is losing five. The economy dominates, but more concerning for Democrats is lost support amongst young, Black and Hispanic voters."

Grand Rapids selected to test new Doordash tool promoting safety

Detroit News - November 6, 2023

“If both Stone and Coleman win, the House would be deadlocked 54-54, and there would be a legislative "stalemate" at the Capitol until special elections can be held to fill those vacancies, Sellek said.”

Michigan House slated to take up bills expanding statute of limitations on sexual abuse

WWMT - November 3, 2023

“We're looking to heal people here. There's what - 25% of America has been sexually assaulted somehow," DeLuca said Thursday as he urged the bills to be passed by the House. "There are people who need redemption and need to get on with their lives and need to heal."

Judge revises restraining order against mining company, allowing mining to resume

Michigan Radio - October 31, 2023

“Sellek said that the company is grateful for the cooperation extended by the township and that they look forward to finding a long-term arrangement that works for everyone.”

Court order gives Ann Arbor-area gravel mine path the ability to resume operation amid shutdown

MLive - October 24, 2023

“We are grateful for the cooperation extended by the township to come to this arrangement and look forward to continuing our work together to come to a long-term arrangement that works for everyone,” said John Sellek, a spokesperson for Mid Michigan Materials, in a statement.

Adrian Hemond and John Sellek on All Talk with Jordan and Dietz: October 20

WJR's All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - October 20, 2023

BaldlyBipartisan's Adrian Hemond and John Sellek joined WJR's All Talk with Jordan and Dietz to discuss President Biden's address from last night.

John Sellek on All Talk with Jordan and Dietz: October 16th

WJR's All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - October 16, 2023

WJR's Tom & Kevin analyze the latest polling describing where sectors of the American public stand on Israelis, Palestinians and the U.S.'s involvement going forward. 

John Sellek on All Talk with Jordan and Dietz: October 6th

WJR's All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - October 6, 2023

John Sellek and WJR’s All Talk hosts Kevin and Tom discuss how many in the GOP are now declining to endorse a national limit on abortion because Michigan voters decided this important issue in 2022.

Brad Williams on Michigan's Big Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels

Michigan's Big Show - Statewide - October 6, 2023

"'A lot of our members are seeing legislation being introduced that concerns them,' said Brad Williams, Vice President of Government Relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce."

Wendy Block on The Steve Gruber Show

The Steve Gruber Show - Statewide - October 5, 2023

“'The Great Lakes Growth Coalition came together because we want to amplify small business voices across the state and help lawmakers understand that many of these anti-business/anti-growth policy proposals pending in Lansing will have real consequences,' said Wendy Block, Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce."

Group forms to oppose 'anti-growth' bills in Legislature

The Center Square - Statewide - October 5, 2023

“We all have shared concerns about where this Legislature is taking the state,” Michigan Manufacturers Association Vice President of Government Affairs and Workforce Development Mike Johnston said in a statement.

Business Coalition Oppose 'Unsustainable' Chan

MIRS - October 4, 2023

“This coalition represents such a broad swath of the Michigan economy that I think we have great connections and great, great messages to say: we’ve got to be very careful about the future of Michigan and sustaining our foundational business climate,” he said.

Michigan business groups push back on energy, paid leave policies

The Detroit News - October 4, 2023

"Our ask of lawmakers is don’t rush, slow down, listen to both sides," said Wendy Block, senior vice president for business advocacy for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Michigan business leaders form coalition to advocate for industry in state legislature

WILX - October 4, 2023

“'We’ve seen a clear trend this year, in seeing anti-business kinds of legislation,' said Michigan Manufacturers Association Executive Vice President of Government Affairs & Workforce Development Mike Johnston."

Students explore future careers in Lansing Construction Science Expo at Impression 5

WILX - October 4, 2023

“The goal is to let students know that there is a career path for them in this industry,” said Needham. “Whether you want to go to college or not, there is a path for you. There’s engineering, and we desperately need those individuals not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. So, we want to expose students to those desperately needed jobs, but also to the skilled trades.”

Trump In Michigan: Union Negotiations 'Don’t Mean As Much As You Think'

Huffington Post - September 28, 2023

“Joe Biden was able to bring some of those folks home, but they’re still fair game for Trump in the way that he talks about the economy. He clearly and his team clearly feels that way.”

What were the ups and downs of the 2nd presidential debate?

WILS Morning Wake Up - September 28, 2023

John and Mike Austin talked about how in the past, Chris Christie would have been a GOP pick for VP, carrying out attacks for the nominee. Now with Donald Duck, he's only there to attack the likely nominee.   

How did the 2nd GOP debate play out?

WJR 760 Morning - Detroit - September 28, 2023

John Sellek talked with Guy & Lloyd about the second Republican presidential primary debate, and former President Trump's rally in Clinton Township. He may never think of Mike Pence the same again.  

Biden and Trump's Events With Auto Workers Preview Michigan’s 2024 Role

The Messanger - September 26, 2023

“Sellek acknowledged challenges Trump faced in 2020 – “Biden isn’t Hillary Clinton,” but added the former president may have learned at least some lessons.

“He is not talking about wages, he is talking about their existence overall and it makes it a lot easier to attack Biden.” 

Trump and Biden’s visits to Michigan present opposing strategies to win over union voters

CNN - September 25, 2023

“Michigan has a tradition of smart statewide GOP candidates working the plant gates and bowling alleys to speak to these voters,” Sellek said. 

How will this weekend's MIGOP Mackinac Conference rank in history?

WJR 760 AM - September 18, 2023

"This event is a "stress test" like banks are put through on Wall Street. The organization, attendance and ability to draw stars is an indication of strength for 2024. Right now it doesn't look good."

Harbor's John Sellek talked with WILS 1320's Mike Austin about GOP debate polling and what it means for the 2024 election

Morning Wake Up with Mike Austin - WILS AM Lansing -August 25, 2023

"Biggest mistake may be almost no attacks on DeSantis. He was left alone to make his case and the initial numbers were positive."

John Sellek discusses the first Republican Presidential debate

WJR 760 AM Detroit - August 24, 2023 

"Nikki Haley and Mike Pence did the most to help themselves and DeSantis at best started smoothing the waters for his campaign."

What should we watch for in tonight's presidential debate?

WJR 760 AM Detroit - August 23, 2023 

"Trump is making an unusually disciplined decision not to participate but in the process giving voters freedom to actually see alternatives."

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig nearing decision on bid for U.S. Senate seat


Detroit News- August 14, 2023 

"It would be smart for Craig to be the first on the field. He has a brief opportunity to show he can construct a campaign team and take the GOP's fight to Slotkin, said Sellek."

How could Republican indictments shape Michigan’s 2024 election? Your guide to Michigan politics

MLive- August 13, 2023

"Alongside the multiple indictments in Michigan, it can be tough for even close observers to keep them straight. Sellek emphasized this to MLive. He pointed to Google Analytics data first reported by Axios that showed public interest declining with each indictment."

Churches Hosts Whitmer For Grosse Ile Fundraiser

MIRS-August 1, 2023

"'The GOP made a move bringing in Snyder for fundraising. The Dems counter with a twofer, sending Gov. Whitmer to do in-district budget signings along with fundraisers,' Sellek said.”

How Can Federal Reform Lower Costs on flights into DCA Reagan Washington National Airport?

Michigan's Big Show- July 17, 2023

Brian James Walsh gives "the skinny on the skies" to Michael Patrick Shiels and all Michigan travelers. 

'It is funny:' Mixed Republican reaction after MIGOP spat gets physical

WWMT- July 11, 2023 

"What we saw over the weekend was horrendous and a terrible black eye, figuratively, for the party," said John Sellek, a Republican strategist and the chief strategist and CEO of Harbor Strategic.

Brian Walsh on legislation that would lower the costs of plane tickets

WJR AM- All Talk with Guy Gordon- July 4, 2023

"Modernizing this outdated policy is essential to meet today’s demand for flights, is better for the environment and will help give air travelers more choices at lower costs.”


How will the trials affect Trump’s campaign?

WJR AM- All Talk with Kevin and Tom- June 21, 2023

“Most GOP voters believe the charges are political yet by the same margins they want Trump talking about plans for inflation and tax relief," said Sellek."

Controversial bills changing who issues permits for gravel mines pulled from consideration for now

Michigan Radio- June 14, 2023

"Aggregates supply chain reforms are necessary, evidenced by the support of local governments and unions. With any major policy change, the process can be long and winding. That’s democracy at work," Sellek said.

Survivors of religious leaders’ abuse speak publicly

WLNS- June 14, 2023 

Survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of two religious organizations on Wednesday called for justice and institutional transparency.

Want better roads? Make it easier to open gravel mines in Michigan, unions say


Bridge MI- June 13, 2023 

Under the bills, the state would grant permits to mining operations and regulate potential environmental impacts. This is the fourth consecutive term lawmakers have proposed the change.

What's happening with Michigan's presidential primary?


Morning Wake Up- 1320 WILS - Lansing- June 13, 2023 

Harbor’s John Sellek talked to WILS about the presidential primary: "With so few delegates allocated to the primary, most voters won't participate and Trump competitors are likely to skip Michigan."

John Sellek on GOP Presidential Primary

9&10 News- June 12, 2023 

"With full control for the first time in 40 years, Democrats grabbed an early primary date, leaving the GOP to essentially abandon thousands of voters.":

Lawmakers revive efforts to expand time sex abuse victims have to sue

Lansing State Journal- June 9, 2023 

“No one should have to be loud. This is traumatizing. I do not relish in repeating the worst moment of my life in public spaces. No one should have to be loud to receive justice."

Which Lane does Chris Christie fill in the GOP Race?

All Talk - WJR AM Detroit- June 6, 2023

"Christie's time was 2012 but he tried to save it for later. A decade on, he's still chasing it, now supposedly as the Trump stopper."

GM announcement, groundbreaking mark more than $1 billion investment in Flint 

Michigan Advance- June 6, 2023

Work will now begin on the first building of the new Flint Commerce Center industrial park, which is being developed by Ashley Capital, one of the United States’ largest privately held industrial real estate investment firms. The 330,000-square-foot building is expected to be ready for occupancy in the first quarter of 2024.

New $300M Industrial Complex Coming To Flint At Former GM Site

Gongwer- June 5, 2023 

"We are moving forward, and we're creating real opportunity for people in Flint," Whitmer said. "We're turning former factories into new space for business. We're tearing down abandoned or blighted buildings, revitalizing small towns and big cities, building new apartments and commercial spaces and creating and supporting tens of thousands of jobs along the way. So, we build, and we rebuild. We believe in our future. We work together. We roll up our sleeves, and we find a space for everyone."

GM to invest $1 billion in Flint operations for next-gen heavy-duty truck production 

Detroit News- June 5, 2023 

[...] state, local and federal officials will celebrate the groundbreaking for the first building at the new Flint Commerce Center at the former GM Buick City campus. That event will mark the start of construction on a facility that is scheduled to be complete in early 2024.

New industrial park breaks ground at former Buick City site

WNEM CBS5 (Flint)- June 5, 2023 

Ashley Capital is redeveloping the area into the Flint Commerce Center, located at 2201 Industrial Ave. in Flint. The investment firm closed on the first 20 acres of the site earlier this year and is working with RACER Trust to acquire the rest of the site. That is expected to happen by the end of August. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Congressman Dan Kildee, and Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley attended the groundbreaking ceremony, along with other state and local leaders.

Groundbreaking marks a second chance for Flint's Buick City

Michigan Radio- June 5, 2023

Susan Harvey is with Ashley Capitol, the company that plans to eventually transform the more than 300-acre brownfield site into an operating industrial center in the heart of Flint.

Groundbreaking ceremony held for Flint's $300M Buick City redevelopment

The Center Square- June 5, 2023  

“We’ve made this massive investment because we think Flint is a good place to be, with an excellent partner in the city of Flint, strong workforce, great infrastructure, and ready access to expressways, rail, and abundant electricity," Senior Vice President for Ashley Capital Susan M. Harvey said in a statement. 

Change4Oxford's Lori Bourgeau on The Guy Gordon Show on WJR

The Guy Gordon Show - May 16, 2023

#Change4Oxford's Lori Bourgeau joins The Guy Gordon Show on WJR to discuss orange graduation cords that were ordered by students at Oxford High School. Orange is the color of the gun violence prevention moment.

Oxford High School shooting: Meetings allow parents to question safety report

Fox 2 Detroit - May 11, 2023

"The same words came to mind that came to me immediately after the shooting. We’re still left hoping for some accountability, lack of trust, transparency, a need for oversight," said Lori Bourgeu, with Change4Oxford."

Change4Oxford shares thoughts on independent investigation report

WEYI - Flint - May 11, 2023

“Change4Oxofrd parent leaders held to speak out after the release of the Guidepost Solution independent investigation report into the mass shooting at Oxford High School."

Parents react to report on Oxford Community Schools’ new safety, security measures

WDIV - Detroit - May 11, 2023

"'We need trust to be regained between the school board and the community, and at this point in time, I am just not sure how we get there,' she said."

‘It’s incredibly frustrating.’ Oxford releases safety investigation that doesn’t address 2021 mass shooting

mlive - May 11, 2023

“Two mothers of Oxford High students who are part of Change 4 Oxford, a group advocating for district transparency, said they’re glad some information is being released, but they want more. “I have been screaming it from the beginning: how can you know what to fix if you don’t know what’s broken,” said Lori Bourgeau.”

Two Oxford parents frustrated by delay with independent report about shooting

Detroit News - May 11, 2023

“Andrea Jones and Lori Bourgeau, both parents of children in the Oxford school district, held a Thursday Zoom press conference to discuss the 179-page Guidepost Solutions report released Monday that revealed that threat assessment teams only inquired about access to firearms involving troubled students half of the time after the 2021 mass shooting at the high school.”

Sand and gravel industry alleges local governments not qualified to decide whether to approve new mines

Michigan Radio- May 10, 2023 

"'Michigan's crumbling infrastructure and strong economy is driving up demand for a limited amount of permitted aggregate. The statewide supply shortage is due to local units of governments effectively blocking the opening of new mines,' said Doug Needham, Executive Director of the industry group."

Fix the damn roads? Michigan must first decide who OKs the darn gravel mines

BridgeMI- May 9, 2023 

“We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel,” said Doug Needham, executive director of the Michigan Aggregates Association. “We're just looking to be aligned with many other extractive industries in our state.”

Both Sides Entrenched As Panel Digs Into Aggregate Debate

MIRS - May 9, 2023 

Business, labor and the road-building lobby told lawmakers how putting the state in charge of siting new gravel mines will make repairing the state's "D"-grade roads faster and cheaper.

Michigan legislation would shift gravel mine permitting to state

mlive-May 5, 2023

“Both parties recognize that there’s a statewide problem with getting the aggregate supply chain moving in the direction that will help the governor fix the damn roads,” said John Sellek."

PulteGroup Shareholder Files Lawsuit Seeking Details of C-suite Internal Investigation

PR Newswire - May 4, 2023

“Company investors seeking a fully transparent release of all investigative documents to shareholders related to oversight of reports of executive's violations of the Company's Code of Ethical Business Conduct.”

Years-long fight over gravel mining permits resumes

Michigan Radio - May 4, 2023

"'When aggregate mining is permitted closer to major projects, trucking costs are reduced. That money goes back into construction improvements,' he said."

No prominent Republican candidate has emerged in race for Michigan U.S. Senate seat

Detroit Free Press - May 1, 2023

"Namely, the Democrats have seemed to settle on who the party establishment would coalesce behind out of the public eye rather than put forward a slate of candidates to duke it out on the campaign trail."

Rep. Brixie Discusses Sexual Assault Legislation

WJR - April 28, 2023

“Michigan’s statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct is among the narrowest in the entire country.”

New Michigan bills could give sexual abuse survivors more time to sue

Bridge MI- April 27, 2023

“There is no timeline to processing sexual assault,” said Hannah Smith, also a sexual assault survivor. “There is no magic amount of time when you wake up and are ready to share what happened.”

Legislators, sexual assault survivors and advocates announce legislative package

WWMT- April 27, 2023

“State law should not dictate which survivors have access to justice. That is why our bills allow justice for all survivors,” Representative Brixie said. “When survivors do come forward, they must be given an opportunity to access justice in our legal system.”

LIVE STREAM Justice for Survivors Press Conference

House of Representatives Communications- April 27, 2023

“This is about our sons, our daughters, our nieces or nephews, our husbands and wives who have been afflicted with a public health crisis that's been hidden for far too long,” Rep. Julie Brixie said.

Advocates push for reform in sexual assault cases

WILX- April 27, 2023

“Survivors of any and every form of sexual violence deserve the same level of justice and human rights that I received in a case so public and privileged and get the justice we did,” said Triena Gonczar, Larry Nassar survivor.

Lawmakers to propose 9 bills to increase statute of limitations on sexual assault cases

WXYZ Detroit- April 26, 2023 

"It’s revictimizating a survivor a second time," said attorney Jennifer Glynn when statute of limitations runs out on victims. "That is what our criminal justice system does repeatedly to victims of sexual abuse.”

Gov. Whitmer joins Biden’s reelection team to win battleground Michigan

mlive - April 25, 2023

"A national co-chair position can sometimes be ceremonial to please a certain group but here “it’s completely the opposite. “President Biden likes Gov. Whitmer and counts on her energy,” said Sellek, who was the Michigan director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign."

He’s Running: What Pres. Biden’s Announcement Means for Michigan

9&10 News - Traverse City - April 25, 2023

“The President has wanted to be president for decades,” said John Sellek, of Harbor Strategic, “Why the heck would he give it up now?”

Adrain Hemond and John Sellek talk with Kevin and Tom about Tucker Carlson leaving FOx and Don Lemon leaving CNN

WJR - All Talk with Kevin & Tom - April 25, 2023

"Who knew President Biden would be competing with Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson for attention on his announcement day? "

Biden Signs Bill Ending COVID Emergency

All Talk - WJR Am - Detroit - April 12, 2023

"Nearly 200 Democrats voted against ending the emergency and then Biden changed course and signed the bill."

Gov. Whitmer Celebrates First 100 Days. What’s Next?

9 & 10 News - Traverse City - April 11, 2023

“The one thing that’s out there that’s big, that’s undelivered on so far is for daycare,” said Sellek. “I think we’re going to see some spending done on that.”

Is Ron DeSantis finally pushing back on Trump?

The Guy Gordon Show - WJR - Detroit - March 24, 2023

"Gov. DeSantis is starting to introduce himself to the rest of the country who is not on Twitter 24/7."

Creditors Offer Counter Recommendations On Collections, Debt Processes

Gongwer News Service - March 21, 2023

“The recommendations act as a counterpoint to the Michigan Justice for All Commission recommendations issued late last year which delved into the need to manage the state's volume of debt collection cases and addressed challenges that consumers face if left unrepresented during the consumer debt process.”

Elissa Slotkin is fed up with school shootings. She's betting voters are, too

Detroit News - March 21, 2023

“What Slotkin is testing is something new for a Democrat and reflects her skill at "walking the line" of sensitive issues to win crossover voters in a congressional district that Trump won, said Sellek.”

Perry Johnson's CPAC Weekend

Morning Wake Up - WILS AM - March 6, 2023

"Johnson and his team recreated the MIGOP Mackinac Conference on the Potomac."

What's Up with Michigan's US Senate seat?

Michigan's Big Show - Statewide - February 28, 2023

John & MPS break down the status of #Michigan's open U.S. Senate seat on Michigan's Big Show, with Stabenow leaving and Slotkin arriving.

How well is Secretary Buttigeig managing the PR of the Ohio train derailment? 

All Talk - WJR

"Buttigeig's strength as an intelligent explainer of technical policy is leaving him to sound like a cold technocrat in the wake of the Ohio train derailment."

MSU Students Demand Lawmakers Act On Guns

Gongwer News – Lansing/Capitol 

“Andrea Jones, a parent from Oxford with the student-parent group Change4Oxford said she and others are tired of the trauma following school shootings. "It retriggered an entire community all over again."

Michigan State students’ training kicked in during shooting

Associated Press

“Among those attending was Andrea Jones, the mother of an Oxford High School senior and an eighth-grader at Oxford Community Schools. She said her niece attends Michigan State. For youngsters, even just experience lockdown drills can be traumatizing, she said."

What Might President Biden Cover in his State of the Union Address Tonight?

WILS AM - Lansing - February 7, 2023

"The SOTU marks the soft launch of President Biden's campaign, the first goal of which is to discourage a Democratic challenger."

Michigan's move to early primary state in '24 brings potential for economic boon

Detroit News - February 4, 2023

"President Biden loves Michigan, sees himself as a Midwesterner, and thinks that it's a safe place to play and protect himself and wants to see that be in place," Sellek said of Michigan's early-state status.

Slotkin seen by many as frontrunner to replace Stabenow in US Senate

Lansing State Journal - February 1, 2023

“Elissa Slotkin turned out to be an incredibly effective politician,” Sellek said. “She won this 50/50 seat under bombardment from record levels of national spending, she managed to avoid being sucked into the far left,

What’s Up in New Hampshire?!

WJR-AM - Detroit  - January 31, 2023

John Sellek talks with Kevin and Tom about who is supporting Trump’s presidential campaign as he is making stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Reviewing Gov. Whitmer's 2023 State of the State Address with MPS & JBS

Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels  - January 26, 2023

“We did not have Ted Lasso and Teddy Roosevelt on our State of the State bingo cards.”

John Sellek talks with Kevin about the investigation into Representative George Santos.

All Talk on WJR Detroit  - January 24, 2023

"It sounds like a never-ending episode of The White Lotus is going to take place."

What effects will Biden's classified document problems have?

All Talk on WJR Detroit  - January 16, 2023

"Sellek, CEO of Harbor Strategic Public Relations, talks with Kevin and Tom about about the Biden classified documents that have been found."

Michigan Democrats unveil first moves in new session

Associated Press  - January 12, 2023

"Sellek said Democrats were wise to lead with tax cuts, their main promise on the campaign trail. "There wasn't a single ad about right to work. It was Dem candidates saying 'We need to reduce spending, cut taxes and give money back to people who are suffering"

Who will take Stabenow’s place

Guy Gordon Show - WJR-AM - January 6, 2023

“President Biden wants Gov. Whitmer to win Michigan for him and the Senate in 2024.

John Sellek and Michael Patrick Shiels 

MI's Big Show  -January 6, 2023

John Sellek talks with MPS about Sen. Stabenow’s retirement-induced political earthquake.

Stabenow retirement sends earthquake through Michigan, shaking loose slew of candidates

WWMT - Grand Rapids - January 5, 2023

“Whether you're Republican or Democrat, Senator Debbie Stabenow's going to go down in history as a groundbreaker and somebody who had a huge legacy, both good and bad.

Here's who might run for Debbie Stabenow's Senate seat

The Detroit News -  January 5, 2023

“Sellek said that Slotkin would be almost "tailor-made" for the Democrats with her three swing-district wins and focus on kitchen table and middle-class issues that Whitmer has also had success with.

Republican Strategist Breaks Down the Fight Over Speaker of the House

9 & 10 News - Traverse City - January 4, 2023

“At some point, he may feel that he needs to step aside and let someone else take the role, just for the sake of government,” said Sellek. “But that’s not happening this week.

In Michigan political 'earthquake,' U.S. Dan Kildee won't run again

BridgeMI - November 16, 2023

“Kildee's "surprise” announcement is an "earthquake in Michigan politics," said John Sellek, who previously worked on statewide GOP campaigns and is now owner of Harbor Strategic Public Affairs in Lansing.”

John Sellek on the MIRS Monday Podcast

MIRS Monday Podcast - November 13, 2023

“John Sellek of Harbor Strategic shares what has surprised him most this year in the state Legislature.”

GOP's Peter Meijer joins U.S. Senate race in Michi

Detroit News - November 6, 2023

“Meijer clearly planned to serve in Congress for much longer than he did because he showed a consistent and obvious passion for public service," said Sellek, founder of Harbor Strategic Public Affairs.”

Statute of Limitations Elimination Package Doesn't Move

MIRS - November 3, 2023

“I’m here tonight for the survivors of sexual assault because they need help from their Michigan House of Representatives,” DeLuca said. “You can make a real difference by passing these bills … helping survivors of sexual assault is not a partisan issue.”

Stalled $15 minimum wage proposal heads to court; hopes legislature next

MLive - October 31, 2023

“Group spokesperson John Sellek said, “OFW must withdraw its suit in the Michigan Supreme Court regarding the 2018 situation because it is clear it’s pursuing its own adopt and amend strategy.”

New Oxford shooting revelations upset victims' families and community members

Detroit News - October 31, 2023

“Andrea Jones, a parent leader with the group #Change4Oxford, said overall, the report was damning to the district and said what many had been saying all along — that the district failed to follow threat assessment practices and other rules.”

Community members respond to letter calling for MSU Board Chair's resignation

The State News - October 24, 2023

"Sellek, an MSU alumnus and CEO of Harbor Strategic Public Affairs, also called out the board's dysfunction. He listed several recent mishaps at the university."

John Sellek on WILS Morning Wake Up: October 20

WILS Morning Wake Up - October 20, 2023

Harbor's John Sellek joined WILS Morning Wake Up to discuss the vote for House Speaker, with further discussion on if there will be a third vote today.

Debt collection bills will undermine civil litigation

Detroit News Opinion - October 9, 2023

"Pew, with offices around the world, is engaged in a misguided lobbying effort in Lansing where it claims to be modernizing our civil litigation system.


A $6b behemoth with an agenda beyond altruism, Pew would turn our economy on its head w/small biz & families footing the bill"

Andy Johnston on West Michigan's Morning Show

WOOD Radio - West Michigan - October 6, 2023

"'There's a lot of concerning proposals from crushing independent contractors in the state to employer mandates to increased regulations that have a lot of our members really co,' said Andy Johnston, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Strategic Engagement at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce."

Wendy Block on The Guy Gordon Show

WJR - Detroit - October 5, 2023

“'We've been trying to work in the middle and find positive, healthy outcomes for our members, for the state and its our citizens,' said Wendy Block, Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce."

Wendy Block on The Ron Jolly Show

WTCM - Traverse City - October 5, 2023

“'There's a lot of big issues on the table in Lansing and we feel like we need to speak out and speak out more loudly about these things,' said Wendy Block, Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce."

Democrats’ economic plans conflict with goal to grow Michigan, business groups fear

MLive - Statewide - October 4, 2023

Smaller issue-based coalitions already have been addressing these policy areas the last several months, but the larger group will “bring them together under one sustainable and durable coalition that can last the test of time,” said Brad Williams, vice president of government relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber.

New Biz Coalition Has Family Leave Concerns; Tate Says Debate Still Ongoing

Gongwer - October 4, 2023

"Everyone across the nation is talking about population growth because of the demographics," he said. "So, this is fierce competition. We can't afford a whipsaw state economy or policies."

Michigan business groups form new coalition to fight 'anti-growth' bills

Crain's Detroit - October 4, 2023

"'Our goal with the Great Lakes Growth coalition is to provide a counterweight to those driving these conversations to create an avenue for the business community to make their voice heard and to build public awareness and to showcase the unintended consequences of the harmful proposals pending in Lansing,' said Wendy Block."

Lansing students get hands-on experience at first Construction Science Expo

Lansing State Journal - October 4, 2023

"'It’s gone great,' said Douglas Needham, expo president and executive director of the Michigan Aggregates Association. ''The interaction that the students are having — the thrill, the excitement on their face, having them feel and touch the various aspects of the skilled trades and the construction industry."

Doug Needham on WILS 1320's Morning Wake-Up

WILS 1320 Morning Wake-Up - October 4, 2023

MAA's Doug Needham joined WILS 1320's Morning Wake Up to discuss the inaugural Lansing Construction Science Expo, an event that exposed over 300 students from the Lansing School District to potential career paths in the construction and engineering industries.

What does last mights presidential debate mean for Iowa?

FOX 17 - Grand Rapids - September 28, 2023

John Sellek spoke with FOX 17 to discuss the latest republican debate analyze which candidates have the highest likelihood to become the top challenger to Trump.

Analyzing the Fain, Biden and Trump interactions this week

Michigan's Big Show - September 28, 2023

John Sellek talks to Michigan Big Show to about the UAW's Sean Fain bringing two presidents and the US political world to Michigan, essentially kicking-off the 2024 election in Detroit with union workers as its focus.

Baldly Bipartisan on All Talk to discuss the various elements of the UAW strike and the 2nd GOP debate

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz - September 27, 2023

“Baldly Bipartisan’s Adrian Hemond & John Sellek joined WJR’s All Talk to preview the 2nd GOP debate and politics of the UAW strike.”  

UAW strike causes Biden, Trump to visit Michigan to battle for the American worker

Detroit News - September 26, 2023

“Still, Trump's direct appeal to union workers shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has tracked Michigan politics, said Sellek. He recalled Engler visiting (plant gates & bowling alleys) to talk about property taxes and welfare. “The issues have changed, but the process has not.”

What's happening with Biden and Trump during the UAW strike?

WJR - Detroit - September 21, 2023

"Fain's need to hold Biden at arm's length on the EV issue left the door open for Trump to enter the chat. It's up in the air, though, how or if Trump can effectively hold an event a week from now."

Harbor's John Sellek on Fox 17 in Grand Rapids discussing Whitmer's What's Next speech

Fox 17 - September 1, 2023

Harbor’s John Sellek joined FOX17 live in GrandRapids to break down the many angles to Gov. Whitmer's unique What's Next speech, where she sought to reset Michigan's policy agenda.

Harbor's John Sellek and MPS discuss John's Detroit Free Press column about taking a break from technology. 

The Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels - August 24, 2023

Taking a break from technology has its perks as well as its issues. In his interview on the Big Show, John Sellek dives into the addiction that we have to our screens, as well as highlights the importance of taking time away from them on occasion.

Baldly Bipartisan's John Sellek & Adrian Hemond pre-game the GOP presidential debate with All Talk's Kevin and Marie

WJR 760 AM Detroit - August 23, 2023 

"Biggest news of the week is that Taylor Swift is pulling 8% and most of it comes from Biden. "

How will the Georgia indictment impact Trump's run?

WJR 760 AM Detroit - August 17, 2023 

"This is the only of the four indictments in which the alleged crimes are tied directly to an individual state and recordings of his voice have already been on the airwaves."

How did the DeSantis vs Trump show play at the Iowa State Fair?

All Talk WJR 760 AM - August 14, 2023

“DeSantis presented a nicely crafted image of a family man at the fair with big policy chops. It was overwhelmed by the Trump circus with airplanes, big crowds and pork chops on a stick,” said Sellek"

Primary night successes leave Democratic House majority uncertain

Michigan Public Radio Network- August 9, 2023

“Their issue list is not close to being done. They had a huge rush on the front end of the year, they got bogged down and worked on the budget with a few other issues that were key to their caucus in the meantime but there’s a lot of stuff left on the table,” Sellek said.“

Harbor Hires Capitol Corps Journalist Eric Lloyd as Director of Public Relations

Harbor Strategic- July 31, 2023 

“Harbor’s current and future clients will be well served by Eric’s unique combination of video storytelling skills and strong understanding of Michigan’s public policy process," said Harbor CEO John Sellek.

How Can Federal Reform Lower Costs on flights into DCA Reagan Washington National Airport?

WJR All Talk with Jordan and Dietz- July 14, 2023 

John Sellek joined WJR to talk about Michigan's exploding demand for sand and gravel to end the housing shortage crisis and fix our roads, all while protecting our environment. 

Should Congress modernize flight 'perimeter rule' ?

Detroit News- July 10, 2023 

Bipartisan legislation that has been introduced in the House and Senate would modernize the perimeter rule and authorize a modest number of in and out of perimeter flights at DCA. This would create more competition and ultimately, lower ticket prices for consumers. 

Would Mike Rogers be a good GOP senate candidate in Michigan?

WJR AM- All Talk with Kevin and Tom- July 3, 2023

“Rogers brings something back to MI politics that’s still valuable — likability," said Sellek. 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faces balancing act as she works to finalize 2024 budget 

Detroit Free Press- June 17, 2023 

John Sellek, a former aide to Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette who heads the Harbor Strategic public affairs firm, said Whitmer, who is a co-chair of President Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign, is at the "peak of her political powers" as she works to finalize the budget and enjoying positive national media attention for her leadership in the fight for abortion rights and her recent signing of gun safety measures.

More sexual assault survivors connected to Michigan-based religious groups surface

Michigan Radio- June 14, 2023 

“The result of having these men as leaders becomes very toxic and harmful,” she added. “Family and group systems with emotionally unavailable fathers and husbands, and women and children who are supposed to submit to men without question at any time.”

Proposed bills aim to strengthen protections for sexual assault survivors in Michigan

WILX- June 14, 2023

“A lot of victims will struggle with hearing a lot of things that blame them, or shame them for what they’ve experienced, when it’s absolutely not their fault. So it’s making sure that these systems are prepared to intervene...and offer support,” Executive Director Kaitlynn Dwyer-Brownell said.

Michigan House pauses action on gravel mining bill amid pushback


The Detroit News- June 13, 2023 

Carter couldn't say when the bills would be taken up again, but argued that — without the pressure of term limits — the Legislature had a real opportunity to find a compromise in the coming months rather than leave it to the next group of lawmakers.

Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Execs Backing Aggregates Change 

Gongwer- June 12, 2023 

"Executives of the three largest Michigan counties are all backing legislation that would move aggregate permitting from the local level to the state."

Who will be the GOP's US Senate candidate?

WJR All Talk with Tom Jordan & Kevin Dietz- June 12, 2023 

"Tom Petty sang that he feels summer creepin in. Well, I feel the 2022 GOP governor primary creepin in."

Brixie Applauds the Strength of Sexual Assault Survivors Testifying in Support of Urgently Needed Legal Reforms 

MIRS- June 7, 2023

Survivor: “By not passing this, you would be telling victims that what happened to them is not important. And you will be telling predators, you’re still safe here.”

In divided Michigan, campaigns begin anew, seven months after last election 

Bridge Michigan- June 6, 2023 

“Both sides still have to unpack all the things that have happened in the first four or five months of the year,” said Sellek, founder of public affairs firm Harbor Strategic."

MIRS- June 5, 2023 

Ashley Capital, a privately held industrial real estate investment firm, is developing the site. The first of 10 planned light manufacturing and warehouse buildings is a 330,000-square-foot facility that will feature amenities required by today's sophisticated warehouse, distribution and manufacturing companies. When completed, the project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $300 million and consist of up to 3.5 million square feet of state-of-the-art, light industrial distribution space.

Groundbreaking held for new Flint Commerce Center at former Buick City site

NBC & FOX Mid-Michigan Now- June 5, 2023 

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Flint Commerce Center, which will be built at the brownfield site, which was once a major General Motors manufacturing facility.

Officials mark groundbreaking on new Flint Commerce Center at former Buick City site

Detroit News (Detroit)- June 5, 2023 

The former General Motors Co. Buick City campus is one step closer to a new future following a groundbreaking ceremony Monday for the first building of the new Flint Commerce Center.

Buick City redevelopment that will generate $300M local investment breaks ground

MLIVE (Statewide)- June 5, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer was joined by Ashley Capital Senior Vice President Susan Harvey and others at a groundbreaking event that marked the start of the redevelopment on the morning of Monday, June 5. After fully completed, the Flint Commerce Center will generate a $300 million local investment with 10 buildings, 3.5 million square feet of space and up to 3,000 new jobs.

Ashley Capital breaks ground on Buick City redevelopment

ABC12 (Flint)- June 5, 2023

Construction officially started Monday on a $300 million redevelopment of the sprawling Buick City site in Flint. Years after the last car rolled off the assembly line at Buick City, Ashley Capital from New York hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Monday for the first of 10 industrial buildings planned on the 350-acre site.

DeSantis enters the race on…Twitter?

The Guy Gordon Show - May 27, 2023

John Sellek and WJR’s Guy Gordon talked about Gov. DeSantis’ choice of Twitter to make his announcement. 

Kelly Kuiper, Local gov’t leaders join union and business coalition’s support of Witwer aggregates supply chain fix

The Steve Gruber Show - May 11, 2023

Kelly Kuiper has personally faced countless nasty meetings as she attempted to simply pursue permitting for new aggregate mining facilities. That's why she testified before Michigan legislature about reforming the system.

Oxford parents calling for better safety measures, policy enforcement

WNEM - Saginaw - May 11, 2023

“Parents and advocates are calling for better safety measures after the release of an independent investigation report following the mass shooting at Oxford High School in November 2021. “They’re the ones who need to be safe. They’re the ones whose trust was broken. They’re the ones who were hurt on Nov. 30,” said Lori Bourgeu, parent-leader of Change4Oxford.”

Oxford parents call for transparency on safety policies

WLNS - Lansing - May 11, 2023

“The high school has its own separate threat assessment team from the middle school, and those two teams don’t communicate with each other, which would be an area I would definitely like to see improvement on,” said Andrea Jones, member of Change for Oxford.”

Parents want more answers to questions about security at Oxford Community Schools

Michigan Radio - Statewide - May 11, 2023

“Andrea Jones is a parent who's also affiliated with the group Change4Oxford. “This report for me did not do anything to restore trust in the district,” said Jones, who added many students and parents continue to feel unsafe in Oxford schools.”

Oxford parents react to first investigation report

The Oakland Press - May 11, 2023

“Overall I have a lot more questions than answers.  This report, for me, did not do anything to restore trust in the district,” said Jones, who had just come from a public meeting held by Guidepost to address questions from the community….Bourgeau said the district still needs more mental health training for staff and administrators in recognizing if a student needs help.

“The entire staff needs to be trained.”

MPS and John Sellek analyze Donald Trump's CNN town hall 

Michigan’s Big Show- May 11, 2023 

"CNN and Trump used each other for publicity last night. Trump for free air time and CNN in its attempt to rebrand its reputation.” 

Bill stripping locals of power to govern gravel mines faces pushback

Detroit News- May 9, 2023 

"We feel that's excessive for putting land back to a slope in a usable condition," said Doug Needham, executive director of the Michigan Aggregates Association, the industry's lobbying arm in Lansing.

Aggregates Industry, Environmental Advocates Square Off At House Panel

Gongwer- May 9, 2023 

"We're in need of these bills because Michigan's crumbling infrastructure and strong economy is driving up demand for a limited amount of permitted aggregate," Mr. Needham said.

Inkster, Oxford Officials Express Support For Aggregate Bills

Gongwer - May 5, 2023

"John Sellek, chief strategist and CEO of Harbor Strategic Public Affairs, cited some information from Ms. Witwer's bill in a release for those who are worried the plan will "silence communities." Under the bill, Mr. Sellek noted that several notices, including a public notice on the department's website, would be made available until the application is granted or denied."

Local Governments Unite Against Aggregate Bills

MIRS - May 4, 2023

"The local government groups said HB 4526 , HB 4527 and HB 4528 are a "legislative attack" that preempts all local zoning, administration, and ordinances over an industry that can have "lasting, detrimental effects on Michigan communities, the environment, property and quality of life."

Fight over approval of gravel mines set to resume at state Capitol

Detroit Free Press - May 4, 2023

"House Bills 4526, 4527, and 4528 were presented to the House clerk Wednesday and are expected to be formally introduced Thursday, said John Sellek, a spokesman for Build it Michigan Strong."

Coalition Of Union, Business Leaders Show Support For Aggregate Bills

Gongwer - May 3, 2023

"'While Michigan is spending more tax dollars on roads than at any time in history, it's incumbent on state government to ensure every dollar possible is put directly into getting results for taxpayers,' Mr. Needham said."

Eye on 2024, ex-speaker’s corruption: Your guide to Michigan politics

mlive - April 30, 3023

“'If Joe Biden wins or loses, Gretchen Whitmer is making sure that she is capitalizing on her growth as a national rising star,' Sellek said.”

Bills would overhaul statue of limitations for sexual assault, establish Survivors Bill of Rights

Michigan Advance - April 28, 2023

“Lawmakers on Thursday announced they are reintroducing laws they say will help fix Michigan’s broken process for sexual assault crimes.”

Michigan legislation aims to provide justice for sex abuse survivors

UpNorthNow- April 27, 2023

“As a public high school teacher, I also know that, according to the CDC, 1 in 5 of my female students have experienced sexual violence in the last year alone, and I want my state government to fight to protect and support my students,” said Evan Bonsall, Rise Organizer for the Michigan Campaign. 

Lawmakers reintroduce package to support survivors of sexual assault

WKAR Radio- April 27, 2023

“Michigan is the only state in the nation to pass a law restricting survivors' access to justice based on the occupation of the abuser," she said. "It's not about who committed the abuse. It's about those who survived it. The legislature should not be dictating which survivors have access to justice,” said Rep. Julie Brixie. 

Bills would give sexual assault victims decades longer to sue

Crain’s Detroit Business- April 27, 2023

"All institutions in Michigan — public or private — should be implementing safe environment policies, training, and reporting requirements to keep children and young people safe wherever they come in contact with adults. [...] Our society as a whole must do better to protect every single child and vulnerable adult from the scourge and horror of sexual or physical abuse,” said Rep. Julie Brixie. 

Plan lifting Michigan's statute of limitations on sex abuse lawsuits gets new push

The Detroit News- April 26, 2023

"... We were keenly aware that behind every single sexual assault survivor in our army are hundreds of sexual assault survivors who still don’t have a voice, who don’t have an army behind them, who are still suffering in silence and who still don’t have access to our justice system," said Rachael Denhollander in 2018, the first of more than 260 young women and girls to publicly accuse Nassar. 

John looks at the political climate and how Trump, Biden, and (possibly) DeSantis are strategizing their presidential campaigns around it.

WILS 1320 - Lansing - April 25, 2023

"President Biden announced via video. The lowest-key reelect ever?"

Livingston County's snub of red flag gun bills reflects polarized priorities

Detroit News - April 25, 2023

"Hopefully they can follow up on Sheriff Murphy's offer to get a beer together," he said, "because even if they disagree at times, public safety depends on their ability to work together on many other issues."

Is Bill Schuette going to run for U.S. Senate?

WLSN 6 News - April 25, 2023

“Never say never. Until somebody says they are not running and shall not accept being drafted, their name is on the table,” said GOP Consultant John Sellek.”

Michigan GOP may scrap 2024 primary for closed caucus. That could help Trump

Bridge Michigan - April 12, 2023

“Sellek questioned the ability of the Michigan GOP to set up a functional caucus system in the next 11 months. “When we look at the fact that the GOP doesn't even have a headquarters, it leaves you scratching your head about how they would even logistically pull that off.”

Whitmer's First 100 Days Eventful; Next 100 Days To Be Marked By Budget

MIRS News - Lansing - April 11, 2023

"so many things happened in the first 100 days of Michigan's Legislature that most of the public wouldn't be able to fully soak it in," said Sellek. To help unpack the gravitas of what was done, he said, Whitmer was using a tradition that started nearly 100 years ago with former President Franklin ROOSEVELT after he ushered the New Deal through Congress."

Discussing the PR & Legal Angles of the New Trump Charges

WJR - All Talk with Kevin & Tom - April 3, 2023

Harbor's John Sellek joined WJR's All Talk w/Tom & Kevin to discuss PR, political and legal angles of charges to be filed by the Manhattan District Attorney. 70% of independents told Quinnipiac it's mostly politics. Will that matter in court?

What is going on with Delta Crossings?

WILX - Lansing - March 17, 2023

“I made a promise to the Delta Township, Eaton County, the contractors. I made a commitment to them that I will see and get this development done and that was the plan and I’m excited to be able to have the opportunity now,” said Krstovski.”

MCBA Announces Plan To Improve Customer Debt Process In Judicial System

MIRS - March 21, 2023

“The Michigan Creditors Bar Association today urged the Michigan Supreme Court to take immediate action to help Michigan families avoid default judgments and garnishments, reduce local caseloads and protect the credit-based economy under its Protect Michigan's Families & Economy plan.”

Opinion: Michigan political parties choose candidates for SoS, AG. That has to change.

Detroit Free Press - March 17, 2023

"186 years into this grand democratic experiment known as Michigan, it is probably time to let voters make these incredibly important decisions."

Slotkin Launches Campaign For U.S. Senate

Gongwer - Capitol - February 28, 2023

"Sellek said Monday it appeared to him to be a bit of a coup for Democrats to get to this point without any appearance of a major primary fight in the making."

MAA Announces 2023 Annual Awards for Michigan’s Outstanding Aggregate Producers

Michigan Aggregates Association - Michigan 

"MAA announced its 2023 Annual Awards winners, recognizing the outstanding efforts of aggregate producers which set the bar for the entire industry."

Michigan State Students Protest: ‘It Could’ve Been Me’

9 and 10 News – Traverse City/Cadillac

“It just was overwhelming. It took us back to day one,” Andrea Jones from Change4Oxford says.“The ratio for students to counselors is a huge problem across this country."

MSU shooting prompts Capitol protest for stricter gun laws in Michigan

Detroit News - Detroit

“Andrea Jones, parent of Oxford High School students and an aunt to an MSU student, came to the Capitol to demand change after months of asking for it in the aftermath of the Oxford shooting."

My Take: Will Democrats still be smiling next year?

Holland Sentinel  - February 9, 2023

“Accordingly, the Democrats’ celebration in the Capitol Building was not just about winning in 2022, but also their decades-long desire to repudiate the legacies of John Engler, Rick Snyder, Donald Trump, and heck, why not, Mike Shirkey.”

Speaker McCarthy Calls out CBS on Democrats denying election results 

All Talk - WJR Detroit - February 6, 2023

“Michigan Sen. Carl Levin opposed decertifying Ohio 2004, saying it would be a dangerous precedent. He was correct.”

Tax cuts, presidential primary and the state’s civil rights act: Lansing’s gears are turning

It's Just Politics - MPR - February 2, 2023

"Michigan's legislature hasn't shut down early in at least a half-century and I doubt that will happen now."

 Michigan’s Changing Presidential Primary and Nikki Haley enters the race 

Guy Gordon Show - WJR Detroit - February 1, 2023

“Haley's entrance into the race indicates that Trump will face multiple challengers but the big name remains DeSantis."

Did you watch? Gov. Whitmer's 2023 State of the State Address

Morning Wake Up  - January 26, 2023

“This speech is never about details, its about the vision.”

After years of turmoil, Michigan Gov. Whitmer looks to shape an ambitious Democratic agenda

MLive  - January 25, 2023

“It’s a blessing and a curse for the Governor,” Sellek said. “There are a lot of folks who will see it as a blank check...the tightrope that the Governor has to walk, is to keep it from being spent like it’s mad money.”

John Sellek talks with Kevin about the investigation into Representative George Santos.

All Talk on WJR Detroit  - January 24, 2023

"It sounds like a never-ending episode of The White Lotus is going to take place."

Michigan surplus balloons to $9.2B as 'mild recession' looms

Detroit News  - January 13, 2023

"Not sure the GOP could have left behind a bigger Christmas gift under the tree than the massive surpluses sitting in the Treasury Department," said Sellek"

GOP, Dems strategize to run for Stabenow's Senate seat; may face pressure to retire early

Fox 2 Detroit  - January 9, 2023

“What's the best thing for the rest of the Democratic Party and Gov. Whitmer? To avoid a messy primary, get somebody into that seat, start raising money and show the rest of the state who they are."

Sen. Debbie Stabenow on not running for re-election & the political consequences 

Detroit Today - WDET - January 6, 2023

“In the political world, you announce your retirement in the morning and the vultures surround your seat by lunch time.

Stabenow's retirement sets off "political earthquake"

Axios Detroit - January 6, 2023

“Stabenow's retirement sets off a "political earthquake" that has "probably spawned a thousand meetings already, Sellek tells Axios.

Stabenow will not seek reelection in 2024, speculation on replacement ensues

The State News -  January 5, 2023

“Sellek called Meijer a "fabulous" candidate in the general election, but he would need a multiple-candidate primary so that the vote would be split among different candidates.

Michigan's U.S. Sen. Stabenow won't seek reelection in 2024

The Detroit News - January 5, 2023

“She was a huge counterweight to John Engler when he was governor and she was in the state Senate," said John Sellek, a Republican consultant and founder of Harbor Strategic Public Affairs. "Her decision to decouple property taxes from school funding led to Proposal A, and Engler's victory on property tax reform. She played a game of brinksmanship, and she was a huge part of that era of Michigan politics."

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