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Multi-Media Associate  

Avery Hanselman is a Harbor Strategic Multi-Media Associate. 


Each day at Harbor Strategic, Avery Hanselman brings a desire to use the powerful voice of public relations to give a voice to Michiganders in need of telling their story.


This is especially true in fields of public policy and the law, because she is a part of the Michigan State Moot Court Competition Team, where she serves as Secretary of its Executive Board, and is an active member of the Empowering Women in Law Club. 


She gained these experiences and more as a student at Michigan State University’s James Madison College, where she is dual majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, along with Public Relations and Policy.


Avery’s background in high school sports also helped her build strong communication and leadership skills, along with a team-first attitude. As a volleyball player, she received repeated recognition for athletic excellence, including the 2021 AAU All-American Academic Achievement Award.


In her free time, she enjoys wakesurfing, snowboarding, and reading and writing stories in a variety of genres.


Avery is passionate about what Harbor Strategic can bring to the table for many people and is eager to help you today. 


Contact Avery Hanselman at

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