Founder and CEO

Harbor Strategic is a Michigan-based public affairs and PR firm founded in 2017 by John Sellek, with offices in Lansing and S.E. Michigan. 


Using a wide-reaching state capitol network and deep knowledge of the intersection of policy, politics and PR in Michigan, Harbor Strategic teams up with citizens, organizations, associations, corporations, candidates and office holders seeking to inform and influence public opinion. 


John has worked for two Michigan speakers of the House, a governor’s policy shop and as communications director for two attorneys general, giving him direct experiences with key policy and legal issues that families and businesses face every day.  


Sellek also led efforts on multiple statewide political campaigns, including serving as state director of Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for president, campaign manager of a winning race for attorney general and advised a winning campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. 


John’s knowledge of the Michigan political & legislative scene, commitment to networking with all sides of the political divide (Republican and Democrat), and reputation as a straight shooter has made him a sought-after news analyst, with more than 150 published print and radio interviews since opening Harbor’s doors.


He’s appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, MLive, and many more. That provides Harbor Strategic with the kind of statewide and national media contacts few others possess in the Midwest. 


These experiences gave John the street cred to start an aggressive communications firm that has led many digital, PR and public affairs efforts across many issue areas, including healthcare, legal, corporate, industry and all levels of government. 


With a background one can only earn through intense legislative battles and political campaigns, John and Harbor Strategic are known for a tireless work ethic and 24/7 engagement. 

A distinguished 

career in communications”

- WILS' Morning Wake Up


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“Known to email reporters additional background for questions they've asked two minutes earlier -- (during) the same press conference.”

- Inside Michigan Politics

“a go-for-the-jugular campaign”

- Gongwer

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